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Martin Simpson
MSc. Psychotherapy

PGrad Cert Supervision
Snr Accred BACP 538969


Before my formal training as a therapist I worked in farming and then many years in personnel management, the latter role giving me a real interest in people’s mental health.

Over the last twenty-five years I have gained experience and helped people in many settings including; the NHS, police, voluntary sector, the corporate world and private practice.

I have developed a way of working that has its core in the Person-Centred approach and its beliefs in human kindness and growth. Over the years I have trained in various other approaches such as CBT and when they could be helpful I incorporate them into my practice.

I now spend my time split between the UK and central France, working as both a therapist and clinical supervisor to individuals, couples and groups. Being in France has enabled me to have the best of both my passions, helping people find a mentally healthier way of being and caring for animals in a way that feels congruent for me and my beliefs.

Lesley Kidd
MSc. Psychotherapy

PGrad Cert Supervision
Snr Accred BACP 548379
EAP M-1000044


I came to my training as a therapist 25 years ago from my own personal experience and difficulties. I spent time as a client and know for myself how daunting it can be to reach out and commit to therapy. I have the utmost respect, acceptance and willingness to work with you and whatever brings you.

I have always run a private practice, alongside working for various specialist agencies, charities, public and private sector employees. I delivered undergraduate training courses, professional development programmes and am a fully qualified supervisor. I work clinically with individuals, couples and groups and have consulted management and organisations. I also offer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses.

I believe in change, in our capacity to adapt and grow. Sometimes we can change the problem, sometimes we change how we handle or view the problem. We can look at things from a different angle, consider the choices in light of our resources. I think therapy provides a space.


Our roots are in the Humanistic theory which means that, fundamentally you will be met with the fullest of respect as an individual seeking something.

We aim to provide an environment that facilitates: understanding, change, growth, resilience, well-being, recovery, stress and anxiety reduction, increase peaceful feelings, resolution…..maybe even answers!

In addition to working within a framework of believing that each individual given the right environment will find their potential for growth we also have a catalogue of other training and skills (often used by the NHS) which at certain times may be called upon such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Please email for clinical supervision, training and group enquiries.

  • We are two highly qualified therapists with over 25 years clinical experience each, including over 18 years of supervising and training other therapists.
  • Individually we offer sessions face -2-face, online and by telephone. To individuals and couples. Groups may be facilitated by one or both of us.
  • We offer a confidential, non-judgemental, inclusive space to explore whatever brings you to seek help. An initial appointment can be used to assess what brings you and to identify possible goals or direction of travel. You also have an opportunity to ask us ant questions you may have about counselling.

We are Both Senior Accredited members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists and as such abide by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice. We are both insured and registered with SIRET numbers in France.

Both of us have worked in a diverse range of settings, meeting clients with a range of life experiences and presenting issues.

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